Research and Open Psychology

Today we started to look at the Research which we are considering doing over the next little while. We created a couple of pages about that, they are the Research and the Open Psychology Project pages.


All the research we do will be linked off of this.  I think that each individual research project will end up being a post, with direct links to the post from this page.  At least that is what I am planning now.  On this page we have the pending projects, which now fall under two categories.  Open Psychology Project, and Technical Support Questions.

Open Psychology Project

This is the official launch of the Open Psychology Project.  We have an “about” page about it, but this is the actual project itself.

We have put two different types of content here.  We will have stuff which is Research, and we will have Tools.  The research will be handled as all research is.  It will be on the Research page.  I will try to keep the Research and the Open Psychology Project page updated in parallel for each change that gets made.

The second type of content will be tools.  These are things which a person would use for various purposes.


The tools section is a little different.  We are going to create what will be called “static” tools, that is the tools will be listed as a “page” rather than as a “post” like the research is likely to be.

Changes to the Tools will be talked about in a post.  But the tool itself will be a page.  The reason that I am doing it this way is that while each time I look at a research topic, even if it is re-looking at something “new” I am trying to look with fresh eyes.  As for the tools, they are things which when I look at a particular tool I want to be “changing” the tool, not creating a new one.

Current and Future Status

Right now, all of this only has “pending” content to put up.  Nothing has been created for this now, but I am hoping that over the next few days I will have at least some content that will be “done” type content.

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