Site Changes Today

We have been working a fair amount on the site.  Adding a bit of content, and working on a some ways of handling things differently.

  • Patreon Creator setup
  • Square Payments work being done
  • Open Psychology Project
  • Research Projects Product Created
  • Mailing list sign up form

Patreon Creator setup

I have created a Patreon Creator Page.  You can support this site, and other sites through subscribing to a funding “level” for each “thing”.

Square Payments work being done

Due to limitations in how pricing seems to be calculated here, we are looking into certain items being available through Square Payments.  The way this is working is that a person would order the item and “pay” through Square.  An invoice would be created and sent to the user through Square.  This will allow for finer control of discounts etcetera added to the items being ordered which have this option.

Open Psychology Project

We have decided to create a project looking at psychology and providing the information we produce through open source type ideas.  That is creative commons licensing, with hopefully collaborative development of materials.

New materials will be posted here, until we wish to move to a separate website.  Current information is on the About – Open Psychology Project and the Research – Open Psychology product.

This product has a *high* initial price with the idea that people will for various reasons be granted a discount on the product.

Research Projects Product Created

We are looking to provide a way for people to ask for research to be done.  All research will be done in an open manner.  If you request a research question be examined, you will receive the research results first, then any supporting Patreon Supporters, and finally it will be released to the public.  We guarantee that by requesting a research item to be looked at, we will not move to the “next” stage in terms of more broad release in less than a week.

Currently we only have the Open Psychology research product created, but will be adding more in the near future.

Mailing List Signup Form

We have created a form for people to sign up for the Mail Chimp Email list.  Currently there is only one version of the list, and that is a monthly mail out which is sent out towards the end of the month.  We are considering also providing a Weekly version of the same type of list, and an infrequent “lists information update”.

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