Site Moved

We have moved this site (Datse Multimedia Productions) to a new server.  From what we can tell, things are working correctly.  There was one plugin which we were having issues with because we decided that we really do not want to disable the redirect from the “insecure” http: site, to the “secure” https: site.  And because of this redirect that we’d setup, it seems that the plugin became unusable.

From what I have read about plugin development doing that is a violation of the rules for plugins on the WordPress Plugin Repository (I think that’s the term).  This plugin has gone through a several upgrades since I last looked at the Codex about this stuff, so I could well be mistaken.

With the moving of this site off the old server, we are now hopefully going to be able to have this site (and soon all sites) performing “well enough”.  That is, they should not be ending up going down multiple times a day, and at least as long as I am not getting denial of service attacks, I should not be seeing the performance hitting really poor levels.

On the other hand.  Pretty much any site will get denial of service attacks.  For the most part, unless you are high-profile, these attacks are not persistent.

The moving of this site has been more problematic than I would have hoped for.  Now, there is an issue of course that even though all requests get “redirected” to the secure version, if a request containing “vulnerable information” ends up getting sent to the site, I will “handle” it securely, but the data will be passed almost certainly as plain text across the internet.

I am hoping I can mitigate this, once I see where such requests are coming in, by redirecting those requests to a “your request was not secure” page.

One of the big problems I am having with this, is I am currently paying about $8.00/day for the server space I am using.  This includes this site, which is costing about $1.00/day now.  Which is probably reasonable, but I expect that to go up, as this site starts doing things more “as expected”.  I hope it does not go beyond about $2.50/day for each of  the sites that I am currently hosting.

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