Moving sites to new servers

We are in the process of moving the sites to new servers.  We have done so far:

  1. Tested a web accelerator
    1. It did not improve things with uptime.
    2. Uptime actually dropped.
    3. The server was not seeing an increase in activity.
    4. The server was not seeing a significant decrease in activity.
    5. Web accelerator may be an improvement when the server is not over loaded.
    6. Server at best is currently very overloaded.
    7. Web accelerator seems to make things worse in this situation.
    8. Removed web accelerator for now, will consider again later.
    9. Decided easiest move would be to move existing sites to new servers.
  2. Removed web accelerator
    1. Found this broke things for a number of sites.
    2. Sites were setup to connect through accelerator, but accelerator not configured to connect through to sites.
    3. DNS needed to be updated.
  3. Updated DNS
    1. Waited until DNS appeared to be propagated globally (~95% responding correctly in this case).
  4. Created 1 new server instance for the existing domains.

We are now to the point that we can look at what to do from here:

  1. Move each domain to a new server:
    1. Move the “HTML” files.
    2. Move any databases.
    3. Point DNS to new server.
  2. Start decommissioning process for old server.
    1. Point DNS away form the current server.
      1. By doing this in steps it means that I am aware that for up to about 6 hours (possibly longer if I’m having issues with the propagation, or finding when it has succeeded, or simply just getting to it at the right time) I will be running two sites with potentially different information.
    2. Synchronise the two servers where there could be issues with which is doing which.
  3. Figure out the size for the new servers which is appropriate for each one.
  4. Reinstate Web Accelerators for the servers as they start getting loads which seem appropriate.
  5. Work on developing services to see what may be causing issues with the servers being hit harder than it seems like they should be.
    1. It seems likely there are a number of requests being sent which are in some sense “malicious”.
    2. If I can find a decent pattern for malicious activity (be able to see things that can mark it) move to next step.
  6. Start working on procedures to mitigate malicious activity.
    1. This well could be a long process, and until things get figured out to a reasonable level, it may well be an ongoing process.
  7. Hopefully concurrent…  Find ways to get income which makes doing all this work, and running this kind of server power a reasonable thing to do.

So there is a bit of a to do list which I think could well be a good long process.  Steps 1-4 of this should be completed by the end of this week.  We are working on doing those for this site (domain) first.


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