Revisions to the work on the vinegar labels

I know what I said about the labels that I had created earlier this week, that they were good enough to “not need re-printing”.  And I still stand by that.

What I felt was that they did need to be revised for the next printing of them.  So what I noticed is that the labels were all printing too close to the top of the labels, and had a good “gap” at the bottom of the label, so I decided that I would centre them on the label.

This was easy with the one which just had text on it.  With it being just text, I was able to get it to centre just by changing the text frame options so that it was placed “centre” rather than “top”.

That might have taken me about 5 minutes from the time I told the file to open, and the time I finished closing the file.  My sort of active time was about 30 seconds really, but because this computer is kind of slow with a lot of things, it means that it ends up taking longer for some things to happen than really should be.

Still.  It worked.  That was really cool.  Well I’m not sure that it actually worked.  But what I know is that on my screen it looks better than it did before, and being further away from the top, slight shifts are less noticeable.  A 1 point shift, ends up being very much invisible between labels if the distance is about 15 points from the top.  If it is more like 2 points, you really notice it.

So that was easy.  The other one had the logo placed there, as well as the text.  Because these elements are independent, I found that I really wasn’t able to get it to balance the elements as easily as I had hoped.  Telling the text to be in the centre of the text frame only worked to move the text.

So I ended up moving the logo afterwords.  Which of course was a great idea, but still the balance had to be achieved pretty much manually.

There probably is a way to get them to be treated as a cohesive unit, where the logo and the text layout is considered one layout “element”.  One way that I think I probably could get that to work, is to covert the logo into a glyph in some custom font.  By doing that, the ends up treated exactly like text.  The problem with that (as far as I know) it only works with logos which are practically (if not literally) 1 bit.  Which in this case it is.  There is black, and there is “transparent”.  The options you have to are: change the single colour, and possibly change the background colour.

So, while I haven’t got it perfect yet.  I feel that the way I have things setup for this file is close enough, until I actually go through and do another set of labels.

I want to move away from the Adobe products for anything that I use.  The problem is, I really haven’t found a “nice” solution for what I’m doing here, which actually is being done in Adobe InDesign.  Still looking at things, and I think I may end up doing stuff with a combination of PostScript, and TeX.

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