Minor Graphic Design Work

I did a little job (which we really feel needs another related job “attached” to it) today for Tricia Rasku of TR By Hand it was just for the latest batch of vinegars that she makes regularly.

I really can’t say all that much about the labels that I ended up with, but I can talk a bit about the process.

We have been working with a combination of labels which are pre-cut (scored) and using full sheets of label paper and cutting the labels into individual labels.  The existing labels have used sheets of pre-cut labels.

While designing for these is really quite a bit more difficult to do than working with the full sheet labels, I have found that without being very conscientious about how they are cut, they will often end up not turning out how you really want them.   And the full sheets seem to come in packages of 10, while we get the scored sheets in 25 and 100 sheet packages.

So, I ended up deciding that I would work with the existing sheets that we have used for labels.

The minor alignment things which I really like to make sure that I get correct is really difficult to be sure of until you print the labels.  You can get it pretty close, but as I feel that even if the alignment ends up being even a couple of Points off (~1/72 of an inch depending on which definition you use) it ends up being rather undesirable.

So I created a basic template that I felt was pretty close to the alignment of the labels, and that really ended up being the hardest part of getting the labels together.  Largely because, as I said, even a 1 point “error” in how I have created the alignment (especially when there are 6 rows of labels) can actually end up being enough that if your design is close to the edge of the label, it can shift from “perfect” to “clearly not quite right”.

I tried to get it “good enough”, and in many respects I really did.  There is a shift of what appears to be about 1 point for each row of labels, which ends up being about 6 points shift from the top label, to the bottom one.  This is about 1/12 of an inch.

In this case it was “enough to notice” but not really enough to re-print the labels.  The top row of them ends up printing pretty darn close to exactly how I want them to.  The bottom row, ends up being just a smidge printed “off the label”.

With the next set of labels, I will try to get the amount I have it “off” to be much closer to zero.

Since I will be working on those in the next day, or maybe even tonight.  I think I will be pretty close to what I want.

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