Monthly Archives: September 2015

Minor changes to parent theme

The parent theme of this site (Datse Multimedia Base) has had some minor updates made to it.  I was just really wanting to do some work on the site, and that was somewhere that I felt that I was able to move forward with site development. Changes to the footer I noticed at one point […]

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Revisions to the work on the vinegar labels

I know what I said about the labels that I had created earlier this week, that they were good enough to “not need re-printing”.  And I still stand by that. What I felt was that they did need to be revised for the next printing of them.  So what I noticed is that the labels […]

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Minor Graphic Design Work

I did a little job (which we really feel needs another related job “attached” to it) today for Tricia Rasku of TR By Hand it was just for the latest batch of vinegars that she makes regularly. I really can’t say all that much about the labels that I ended up with, but I can talk […]

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