More Working on Stuff Here

I am working on a lot of things here.  Right now I am not really sure where things are going.

I have moved a couple of other sites to this server.  Both of them went fairly smoothly, but the first one for some reason took much longer to do the transfer on it.

With those sites moved, I am paying a little more attention to them.  They are working better than they were before (which was the reason I wanted to move them here).

Those two sites are my personal site Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku and the MindFreedom Nelson site.

I have also started the process (which will take longer) of looking at what is needed to be able to move a site from to here.  That site has been moved around a few times.  That site is TR By Hand.  The reason which that will be moved here is not so much that we are unhappy with what we have working with it on, but that because we looked at the options which were available for for setting up a site for eCommerce, didn’t really fit the needs of the client, we are looking at moving it here.

In looking at moving it here, I first setup this site.  It had been “dormant” for some time.  This is something which I intend to make sure will not happen again, as long as I am able to host this site here.

Another thing which I have decided is that Datse Multimedia Productions, really do not care if we are “making a profit” or even breaking even.  What we most care about, is providing a forum where I can work on stuff which is meaningful for me.

That doesn’t mean we want to work for free, or even simply at a loss.  But what we want to remember is that the reason we are doing this work is first to find something that means something to me.  And if it happens to be making money that is of enough to continue to support further development and all of that, then that is fantastic.  If it doesn’t then as long as what I am doing here is meaningful to me, that probably is more important than anything else about it.

There is another site which I have created, which I am working on actively as a new content management system.  I am starting things pretty much from scratch with it.  That isn’t so much that I don’t want to use other content management systems, or that I feel that there are problems with them.

I really do like what I am able to do with a WordPress site, and how easily it is to set it up.  I also like how user-friendly the WordPress interface is.  Sure it might not be as “user-friendly” as something like Facebook.  But Facebook is not a website development tool.  I do know some people seem to think that Facebook really is a website for their business.

It is way better to have a Facebook Page (or whatever they are calling it these days) than a website which is not getting updated.  And it does seem that one of the things with how the world works these days, having a “web page” is often not enough for someone.  You need to also have a social media presence.

I really do agree that social media is *very* important for making sure that you can be seen, and are where you are actually getting to your customers.  The thing that I think is more important.  Find a solution that works for you.  If you have not found a social media platform that works for you, but feel that you are able to do stuff with just a website (and keep it up to date and all that) or want to work with someone who can do that stuff for you.  Go for it.

If you want to work with someone who is going to do that stuff for you, you are either going to have to provide the content for that person, and let them figure out how they are going to work with that, or you are going to have to get someone who works closely on a day-to-day basis with your company, and let them generate the content that works.

Maybe you will want to have final sign off before someone posts something which will be representing your company, but if you are finding you are not letting your content manager have some degree of free rein, you are really not using their resources well.

I think that I will create “drafts” for a couple more posts that I will work on when I next check things out.  I really just wanted to get things posted here.

I’m not really sure that I have things setup here how I want them.  But I would say they mostly are.

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