Updates today

There are a number of things which I have done today:

  1. Looked at the issue with how the Shop Page from WooCommerce was displaying.
    1. I had seen that the code which seemed to be causing the problem for that page, was in my Child Theme, and was the code which was used to enable WooCommerce support.
    2. As a quick answer, I simply commented out that code.
    3. From what I could see, doing so was sufficient to fix the issue for now.
    4. Would like to see if I can get the WooCommerce pages to have a separate theming, that will be a future item.
  2. After getting an update about what the issue with SproutInvoices was, and that a fix would be on the way, as apparently the issue had something to do with WooCommerce using an “out of date” version of select2.  Will see if I can figure out what that might be related to, but re-installing SproutInvoices and seing how that all works.
    1. Have installed.  Testing now…
    2. Appears that this has been fixed…
  3. Looked at a whole bunch of information about themes.  But none of it has been put into place here yet.

There are a few things which I want to get done soon:

  1. Update official Datse Multimedia Theme (the child theme) to reflect the changes that I made manually to the site.
  2. Fix the comment section issue in Datse Multimedia Base
  3. Create pages:
    1. Themes
      1. Datse Multimedia Theme
      2. Datse Multimedia Base Theme
  4. Create products:
    1. Support Datse Multimedia Theme
    2. Support Datse Multimedia Base Theme
  5. Look to see if I can have Sprout Invoices present an estimate request
    1. It looks like this is not a feature of the free version.  I may have to find some way to handle this another way.
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