Sprout Invoices issue

I have no idea why this issue may have shown up.  Sprout Invoices, which to my knowledge has no ability to extend WooCommerce, was causing issues that WooCommerce <select> form elements to not display.  This is an issue which is baffling me.  Itmay have also been causing other transient issues with other settings, but they were far less problematic.

I’m not sure, but it appears that the issue likely has something to do with how Sprout Invoices was handling their own settings, unfortunately “bleeding” into the settings of all components of WordPress, not just those of the plugin itself.

The way it was setup, unfortunately was not really to my satisfaction anyway.  I can apply a “client” discount, and a “line item discount”, and the “client discount” did not display at all, thus if I had any setup, I would get a “sub total” and a “total” which had different values, with no indication of why there may be different values.

It seems like the people who are developing this plugin, are not very aware of general accounting practices.  I do not know of any place where an invoice of that format would be considered appropriate.  The only way that “line items” can be omitted, but accounted for, is if they are combined into a single line item.

That is I could have a “server setup” line item which actually consists of “domain name purchase”, “server space purchase”, and “installation of software on server”, without putting the other items on there.  So “grouping” items, means you can put the “group” on, and omit the individual items.

If adding all the lines together, doesn’t result in the end amount, the invoice is invalid.  At least as far as I know it is such everywhere.

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  1. datsemultimedia
    Posted 2015 August 14 at 20:20 | Permalink

    There is a new version of Sprout Invoices which is supposed to address this issue. I will be looking at it in the near future (hopefully tonight).

    • datsemultimedia
      Posted 2015 August 14 at 20:23 | Permalink

      With my comment, I am seeing something that I need to fix. You may well be seeing it as well. With the lack of Development, or Staging server, I have been turning on the debug information on WordPress, so that I can see what is happening.

  2. Posted 2015 October 25 at 09:56 | Permalink

    I’m not sure what you mean by accounting practices or the line item grouping image. Can you clarify?

    Also, did you bring this up via priority support. It’s something I would have surely tried to help with.

    • Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku
      Posted 2015 October 31 at 14:22 | Permalink

      I think that based on my experience with working with Ledger-SMB and previous to that SQL-Ledger, I have learnt a fair amount of generally accepted accounting practices. Now they *do* vary between jurisdictions, but I have never seen any accounting practice which would allow for the submission of a total, which is different from the sub-total, without any intervening line indicating that something is being added to, or subtracted from the subtotal.

      And yes, I did take this up with support. Based on what I saw, it seems as I’m not exactly willing to pay for a product which I do not intend to use for more than a very basic invoicing system, when I am able to run Ledger-SMB which is a full accounting package (with some deficiencies) providing everything from invoicing, to point of sale, and way beyond, the vast majority of the help support seems to be willing to offer is “buy the product and you can do what you want”.

  3. Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku
    Posted 2016 July 24 at 21:37 | Permalink

    We have got LedgerSMB working now well enough to replace anything like Sprout Invoices, or Square Invoices. While I don’t have “payment processing” working with that, I do at least have the option of issuing an invoice here for PayPal, or issuing an invoice on Square, to process the invoice through there.