Repeated issues with recent updates to site…

I am having issues with a number of plugins, and possibly theme issues.  It may be related to a number of issues which are “local” to the computer, as a lot of them are display issues.

Unfortunately, if it is related to local stuff, it seems like either Chrome has stopped supporting certain things, or these issues are related to features which Chrome hasn’t started supporting yet.

At this time, I am highly recommending that people have a staging/testing server. Ideally people who are doing development work would have a “testing server” which would be used to test their own code, and a “staging server” which would be used to test updates to other people’s code.

At this point, I have neither.  Which means, to figure out what might be going on on the production server (this one), often (at least right now) breaks how things work.

I haven’t figured out a workflow for doing updates with only one server.  That might be a way for people to look at things I think.  As many people do not have the resources to setup a staging server, let alone both a staging server, and a testing server.  Will work on this over the next little while.

In the future I will have both available to me, which really is a great thing for me.

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  1. datsemultimedia
    Posted 2015 August 14 at 20:27 | Permalink

    I was having a couple of issues here.

    1) Settings for WooCommerce would not display,
    2) One of the WooCommerce pages was displaying incorrectly.

    I have fixed both issues.

    I now have 2 more.

    1) Comments are not displaying where I want them to (They end up so far beyond the post text to end up “missing”).
    2) Comments when they exist are calling a “deprecated” function.

    I have a partial solution for the first (removing or moving the Share, and/or Like buttons). That will do for now.

    Future for the 1st, would be to put a link to the comment section at the bottom of the post, with the theme.

    Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku

    • datsemultimedia
      Posted 2015 August 14 at 20:43 | Permalink

      Turning off those two features (Sharing and Likes) for now makes things pretty workable. I would like to see if I can get something better working, so I can turn those back on.