Datse Multimedia Theme and WooCommerce

I have been looking at the site a bit more.  Last night I noticed that the theme, and the Shop page are broken…

The sidebar on the Shop page ends up being pushed down towards the bottom of the page, rather than lining up with the top of the content.

This is not how I want things to be.

I looked at what might be causing it, it seems *somewhere* the <section> which is the shop content has the same ID as the enclosing <div> which means that for the most part it inherits the settings of the enclosing <div>.

I need to see if I can at least create a fix for that.  At least so it “works for now”.

It seems this is probably the only conflict I have with my theme and WooCommerce.

I just upgraded WooCommerce, and found that I had lost the display of my settings with it.

After deactivating all the plugins, and re-activating them, the settings have returned.

This is an improvement.

Oddly, in the process of this upgrade process, I have lost my SEO settings, and the display of all of that.

Will look to see if I can get that back.

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