More work on the site

I have been working on the site some more.  I don’t really remember where I left it last time.  That’s OK.

Looking at previous post a lot of change of direction has happened.

So where am I at now:

  • Basic WooCommerce setup *seems* to have been done.
  • Basic setup of Sprout Invoices *seems* to be done.
  • Google Analytics is setup.
    • I have setup two different Google Analytics plugins:
      • One which puts the analytics code into the website,
      • The other displays certain amounts of the analytics data.
    • Both seem to be setup right now, but have not got data yet to be sure.
  • Datse Multimedia Theme, based on Datse Multimedia Base Theme is actually working.
    • It is correctly enabling WooCommerce Support.
    • Much more work needs to be done to get it working fully.
  • I think we have more or less settled on what we want on our “Default Website”
    • WooCommerce
      • Booster
    • Google Analytics
    • SEO Plugin
    • Akismet
    • WordPress Jetpack
  • We have a whole lot to do now

Our current setup looks something like:

  • blog
    • Categories
      • ECommerce
      • Plugins
      • Site News
      • Themes
      • Uncategorized
    • Tags
      • child themes
      • Datse Multimedia Base
      • Datse Multimedia Theme
      • Thematic
      • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce
    • Products
      • Categories
        • Themes
      • Tags
        • base
    • A whole bunch of other settings
  • Pages
    • About


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  1. datsemultimedia
    Posted 2015 August 14 at 20:29 | Permalink

    One of the Google Analytics solutions was not really all that helpful, so it has been deactivated. Will make sure that deactivating it does not cause issues with the collection of analytics data, but it should not be a problem.