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Some updates about our activities…

This is a quick post about what has been going on here. Site downtime One site moved Expiring SSL certificate Need to move two other sites Possibly moving another site Site downtime A bit of bad news first.  Two of the sites we host (the two which need to be moved still) went down for 4 […]

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Moving Servers

My hosting provider sent an email which let me know that they are shutting down this datacentre, and that I will have to move the servers to another datacentre. Currently there are 3 servers which I am running out of the datacentre which they are talking about closing, this one, the “dmp-develop” server, and the […]

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Securing Server (Part 1 of ?)

There was a recent link posted to YCombinator Hacker News titled “My First 10 Minutes on a Server” (Link to article, link post is here).  With seeing that it reminded me that I have meant to start working on securing the web test server (which is currently not web accessible). There are some things  mentioned […]

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Update on the changes to sites.

A little while ago, I said I would be taking all my sites down. Currently that is not the case.  I will be trying to keep the two sites I had on “sound servers” for them up.  They were not costing much individually, and combined the way they were they were pretty much entirely impossible […]

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Performance improvements

I was working on setting up the site for the Open Psychology Project and noticed that I was having some issues with it.  First I noticed that the site was actually not responding in a reasonable matter.  Everything was very painful to work with.  So I looked at what might have been the issue: I looked […]

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Upgraded WordPress (and a few plugins/themes).

We just logged in after possibly a few days away and noticed a “large” number of updates available.  There were 4 of them available, which is pretty unusual if we have not been away for a “long” time. The thing is, one of those updates was to WordPress itself.  Which probably is part of the […]

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Moving MindFreedom Nelson Site

Tonight there was a brief, very informal meeting of MindFreedom Nelson, and it was determined that this really should be the start of talking about things which we are doing.  While I can talk about them here, I feel that with the existing MFN site, that we really should be using that as much as possible. […]

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Open Psychology Project – About Page

Yesterday I wanted to take a stab at updating the Open Psychology Project About Page.  I can’t really say just how much things have improved.  I think in a lot of ways it has improved quite a lot.  It was very simple, and not really any information about what we are doing. Now it is […]

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Moving other sites

I am at the point that I really feel I need to start moving other sites from the server that this was on until recently.  That site has the following domains running on it still: I am looking at or being the next ones to move.  By taking this […]

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Research and Open Psychology

Today we started to look at the Research which we are considering doing over the next little while. We created a couple of pages about that, they are the Research and the Open Psychology Project pages. Research All the research we do will be linked off of this.  I think that each individual research project will end […]

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