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Using Inkscape replacing Adobe InDesign

I am currently in the process of seeing if I can get Inkscape can be used to replace Adobe InDesign.  Right now just downloaded it to run on the iMac I just restored.  The intention is more to find something which will run nicely on a Linux box, rather than running it on OS X or […]

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Photoshop Photomerge

I took a bunch of photos today, and a couple of the “sets” were done with the intention of stitching them, and getting them to work. The first one (that I did) was only two images. Here is the video of it. Here is the final result… These are the two pictures I started with. […]

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Adobe CS4 Install on OSX El Capitan

I was talking to one of my clients, and they were talking about my doing some design work.  This ended up causing panic for me, as I had just done a clean install on this computer which really is my main computer, and the last time I tried to install Adobe CS4 on a version […]

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Revisions to the work on the vinegar labels

I know what I said about the labels that I had created earlier this week, that they were good enough to “not need re-printing”.  And I still stand by that. What I felt was that they did need to be revised for the next printing of them.  So what I noticed is that the labels […]

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