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More Working on Stuff Here

I am working on a lot of things here.  Right now I am not really sure where things are going. I have moved a couple of other sites to this server.  Both of them went fairly smoothly, but the first one for some reason took much longer to do the transfer on it. With those […]

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Slack Team Created

Because WordPress is currently using Slack as their communication platform, I have decided to create a Slack team for communication with people who are interested in Datse Multimedia Productions activities. Currently, as I am the only team member, I will not be doing a lot of stuff on figuring out how things there work.  If […]

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Updates today

There are a number of things which I have done today: Looked at the issue with how the Shop Page from WooCommerce was displaying. I had seen that the code which seemed to be causing the problem for that page, was in my Child Theme, and was the code which was used to enable WooCommerce […]

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Sprout Invoices issue

I have no idea why this issue may have shown up.  Sprout Invoices, which to my knowledge has no ability to extend WooCommerce, was causing issues that WooCommerce <select> form elements to not display.  This is an issue which is baffling me.  Itmay have also been causing other transient issues with other settings, but they were […]

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Repeated issues with recent updates to site…

I am having issues with a number of plugins, and possibly theme issues.  It may be related to a number of issues which are “local” to the computer, as a lot of them are display issues. Unfortunately, if it is related to local stuff, it seems like either Chrome has stopped supporting certain things, or these issues […]

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Datse Multimedia Theme and WooCommerce

I have been looking at the site a bit more.  Last night I noticed that the theme, and the Shop page are broken… The sidebar on the Shop page ends up being pushed down towards the bottom of the page, rather than lining up with the top of the content. This is not how I want […]

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More work on the site

I have been working on the site some more.  I don’t really remember where I left it last time.  That’s OK. Looking at previous post a lot of change of direction has happened. So where am I at now: Basic WooCommerce setup *seems* to have been done. Basic setup of Sprout Invoices *seems* to be […]

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Working on setting up this new site.

We have been working on setting up this new site.  We should be able to get it up and running in a little while. I do not know how much time has gone into getting this going. There are a few things that I have done so far: Decided that I will work with some […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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