We do many different things.  I guess maybe we could for now just start with a simple list:

  • Website development
  • Theme development
  • Website optimization
    • SEO
    • SMO
    • Speed optimization
  • eCommerce setup
  • Personal health products
  • Reselling of certain products produced by others which we use regularly
  • Pet Care
  • Photography
  • Computer support

I know, it seems pretty complicated but broadly it fits under:

  • Computer Services
    • Web Services
    • Computer Support
    • Digital Photography Services
  • Photography
    • Digital Photography Services
    • Film Photography Services (seem to be largely phasing out)
    • Small Object Photography
    • Art Photography
  • Sales
    • Tea
    • Tea Supplies
  • Pet Care Services
    • Dog Walking
    • Dog Sitting
  • House Care Services
    • House Sitting (when there are pets involved preferably)

That looks better.

A lot of what I am doing here is putting things up as I am thinking about them.

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